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Hosting with:

100Mb/sec. internet connection

99.9% server operation warranty

100Mb server, which is suitable for any medium size web page

5 free email accounts at no extra cost (name.lastname@domain.lv etc.) Connection by using http://mail.domens.lv

Full statistics (information about: web page’s visitors monthly, weekly, daily and by hours; about visitor domains, countries, length of visit and the most seen web pages, therefore it will be an opportunity to understand and analyse needful information in terms of visitors.)

FTP, where, if needed, you can edit the information, upload photos or simply use the space for data saving.

Data protection

For data protection we use “mirror” function

Backup copies. This function is necessary in case if you have done irreversible information editing and you wish to restore the information.

Back up frequency depends from individual necessity.